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Please use the links below to download the various Forms. The Free Adobe Reader is needed to download these pdf files.

Abandoned Vehicle Form - Request for verification of ownership: vehicle found abandoned, immobile, or unattended

Affidavit - Affidavit (General - i.e. Name change or correction)

Affidavit of Inheritance - Affidavit of Inheritance form

Application for Duplicate License Plate/Replacement Plate or Decal - Application for Replacement Decal and/or Plate

Application for Certified Copy of Certificate of Birth - Certified Replacement Birth Certificate

Application for Noting of Lien on Certificate of Title - Application for Noting of Lien on Certificate of Title

Application for a Refund - Application to receive a refund

Application for Tennessee Personalized Plates - Application for Personalized Plates

Application for Tennessee Salvage/Non-Repairable Certificate - Application for Salvage/Non-Repairable Certificate.

Beer Permit Requirements - List of requirements for obtaining a beer permit

Bill of Sale for Auto - Bill of sale for auto purchase amount

Bill of Sale for Boat - Bill of sale for boat purchase amount

Business Tax Form - Business Tax Account Change Form

New Business Tax Aplication - Business Tax Application

Certification for Antique Registration - Antique Registration

Certification for Duplicate Certificate of Title - Duplicate Certificate of Title

Certification of Ownership -Certification of Ownership

Certification of Sales Under Special Conditions - Special conditions sales form

Discharge of Lien - Use when vehicle has been paid off

Gift of Vehicles and/ or Boats - Use when family member/friend gives you a vehicle/boat, or sells it to you at a low price

Government Service Plate Application - Use to apply for Government Service Plates

Handicap Parking Application - Use to apply for a handicap plate or placard

Hotel/Motel/Campground/Other Occupancy Tax Form - Use to calculate & file occupancy taxes

Marriage License Application for Bride - Brides Application for Marriage License

Marriage License Application for Groom - Grooms Application for Marriage License

Marriage Premarital Counseling - Use when Bride and Groom have completed premarital counseling

Lost Title - Use when car titles have been lost

Notary Application - Form to apply for Notary Public

Noting of Lien - Use when money is owed on vehicle

Multipurpose Application for Dealers - Dealer registration form

Pawnbroker Application - Use to apply for a pawnbroker license

Power of Attorney - Power of Attorney application

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TWRAState hunting and fishing licenses are sold in the Clerk's Office. Visit the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency website or call us at 865.457.6226.

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