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Beer Permits Requirements

Applicants applying for Beer Permit in Anderson County must be 21 years of age. The applicant must have a background check done upon applying for the Beer Permit. A fee of $250.00, which is non - refundable, will be paid when returning the application.

The applicant must provide a picture of the establishment, plat map with footage on statement and 1 copy notarized of the application. Finger prints are required by the Beer Board and will be administrated by a TBI contractor. The cost is to he paid by the applicant. These are to be turned into the County Clerk office 20 days prior to the next Beer Board meeting which meets on the second Tuesday of the month.

The establishment must be 810 feet from a Church, School or Public Gathering Place. There will be a $100.00 Privilege Tax to be paid by January 1 of each year. In the case of beer applicant in the middle of year this tax will be prorated.

List of Current Beer Permit Holders

Beer Board Rules of Procedure

Beer Permit Documents

Resolution Requireing Minimum Mandatory Training

Regulations and Violations:

Time Regulations:

1. Beer Permit Holders having patrons with any alcoholic beverages in parking lots or none designated areas will be summons to appear before Anderson County Beer Board.

2. Operating Hour:

Monday thru Saturday hours: 6:00A.M. to 2:00A.M.

Sunday hours: 12:00 P.M. to 2:00A.M.



1. First Offense: Written & Verbal reprimands or Fines of $250.00 up to $1,500.

2. Second Offense: 10 days suspension of beer sales (Calendar Days) or $500.00 up to $1,500.00

3. Third Offense: Permanent revocation of beer permit

(See procedure for Miscellaneous Receipt)


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