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These files are posted only as a convenience for online users and may not be complete and accurate documents as relates to those on file at the courthouse. A full and accurate copy may be obtained from the Anderson County Clerk Office

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Anderson County Commission Minutes Archive


2017 Minutes


2016 Minutes


2015 Minutes


2014 Minutes


2013 Minutes


2012 Minutes


2011 Minutes


2010 Minutes


2009 Minutes

January, 2010 Minutes
February, 2010 Minutes
March, 2010 Minutes
April, 2010 Minutes
May, 2010 Minutes
June, 2010 Minutes
July, 2010 Minutes
August, 2010 Minutes
August, 2010 Special Called Minutes
September, 2010 Special Called Minutes
September 2010 Minutes
October 2010 Minutes
September, 2010 Special Called Minutes
November 2010 Minutes
December 2010 Minutes


January, 2009 Quarterly Session Minutes
February, 2009 Minutes
March, 2009 Minutes
April, 2009 Minutes
May, 2009 Minutes
July, 2009 Special Session Minutes
August, 2009 Minutes
September, 2009 Minutes
October, 2009 Minutes
November, 2009 Minutes
December, 2009 Minutes

2008 Minutes


2007 Minutes

January, 2008 Quarterly Session Minutes
February, 2008 Minutes
March, 2008 Minutes
April, 2008 Minutes
May, 2008 Minutes
June, 2008 Minutes
July, 2008 Special Session Minutes July, 2008 Minutes
August, 2008 Minutes
September, 2008 Minutes
October, 2008 Minutes
November, 2008 Minutes
December, 2008 Minutes


January, 2007 Quarterly Session Minutes
February, 2007 Minutes
March, 2007 Minutes
April, 2007 Minutes
May, 2007 Minutes
June, 2007 Special Session Minutes
June, 2007 Minutes
July, 2007 Special Session Minutes July, 2007 Minutes
August, 2007 Minutes
September, 2007 Minutes



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